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Electric Narrow Aisle / Very Narrow Trucks

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Linde 8906



Access to Battery. With a removable cover, this truck has easy access to all motors and assemblies, saving the operator time during his/her shift.


Large Operator Platform. A lot of foot room with a premium floor mat ensures enough space to comfortably change foot positioning.


Regenerative Brakes. Regenerative braking minimizes the use of the service brake and relieves heat from the traction motor increasing the life of the truck.


AC System. The AC drive motor provides high torque throughout the entire drive range. This drastically reduces maintenance and extends battery range.


LCD Dashboard Display. With the LCD dashboard display the operator has everything he needs for an efficient shift at his fingertips.

Technical Data

Model Power Unit Battery Voltage
MV05 Electric 24V
Model Power Unit Battery Voltage
MV05 Electric 24V