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Intralogistics and automation solutions for you

With years of experience in the successful implementation of intralogistics concepts, Linde Material Handling is the expert partner to help you automate your processes, so your operations run faster, run smoother, and increase productivity.

Improve your bottom line with Linde Automated Solutions:

  • Extensive automation portfolio from smart trucks to fully automated logistics processes
  • Highly profitable, scalable, and adapted to the complexity of your specific operation
  • Efficient and reliable intralogistics systems with precise timing

" To further increase the efficiency of our plant logistics we were looking for a solution for this clearly defined, high repetitive standard task that involved covering a longer distance. It was roughly one year ago that we began talking to our industrial truck supplier, Linde […]. We were convinced by the machines’ geoguidance orientation system, which did not require additional infrastructure. That’s a considerable advantage over other solutions, because it offers great flexibility and can be easily adapted to new routes and tasks at any time." – Roman Feigl, Head of Logistics at Wolf GmbH

Customized Automation Solutions

With automation solutions from Linde Material Handling, you can streamline your material flow for maximum efficiency. We have a range of standardized solution packages that offer companies from various industries a cost-effective, scalable way to make the leap into the world of automated logistics processes.


  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics/Trucking
  • Services/Maintenance
  • Retail Industry
  • General Warehouse Operations

Globally Trusted Automation, Now Available in North America

No matter the sector, we have the perfect application for partial or complete automation of your processes.

Order Picker

iGo Neo

iGo Neo

  • Ensures fast and accurate order picking of goods
  • Innovative iGo Neo technology
  • Operates autonomously under operator guidance
  • Intuitively adapts speed and direction of travel to the task at hand
  • Capacity lbs. - up to 5,500
  • 75% less mounting & dismounting
  • Li-Ion battery

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AGF Horizontal Transport

P Matic


  • Easy-to-install automation kit
  • Ability to tow tugger train trailers with a total load of up to 11,000 lbs.
  • Navigates through warehouse safely and accurately without a driver
  • Follows defined routes of travel and adapts as needed to suit changing warehouse layouts
  • Capacity lbs. - up to 11,000
  • Compact dimensions
  • Speeds of up to 8.7 mi/h

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L Matic

L Matic

  • Top performance even in extreme conditions like heavy debris and steep ramps
  • Suited for transport between floor and low-height transfer locations
  • Scalable and flexible for your warehouse operation
  • Capacity lbs. - up to 2,200
  • Heights - up to 10 feet
  • Automated high lift pallet stacker

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AGF Vertical Transport

K Matic


  • Ideal for use in high-density warehouses
  • Easy to operate and can be used in a variety of different aisles as a storage solution for compact spaces
  • High-density racking systems
  • Specializing in high level narrow aisle storage
  • Heights - up tp 46 feet
  • 360 degree personal protection
  • Inductive or mechanical guidance

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R Matic


  • Can handle versatile load profiles and complex applications
  • Lifting capabilities going up to 33 ft and load capacity of 5,300 lbs
  • Specializing in high level narrow aisle storage
  • Capacity lbs. - up to 3,500
  • Heights - up to 33 feet
  • Laser hybrid navigation

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