KION North America

KION North America’s family of products, services and solutions help businesses work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today’s supply chain constraints and deadlines are more demanding than ever, and the KION N.A. team is dedicated to creating performance-based, purpose-built solutions that help our customers succeed today and tomorrow if not before.

The KION North America story begins and ends with this commitment to excellence.


  • Innovator of the Year | Manufacturing Excellence Awards - South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo | November 2022


  • Large Business of The Year | Summerville Chamber of Commerce | February 2020


  • Innovator of The Year (finalist) | Salute to Manufacturing Awards - South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance | October 2019
  • Outreach Award | South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance | October 2019
  • Roaring Twenties Award: 8th Fastest Growing Large Company | Charleston Regional Business Journal | June 2019
  • KION Group Value Award | February 2019

KION North America - Sustainability

KION North America - Sustainability

It is our ambition to understand our customer’s requirements better than anyone else and to provide them with tailor-made, safe, efficient, and innovative logistics solutions. A key factor in this is sustainable business. All our actions are guided by environmental, social, and commercial aspects. We also help our customers to implement their sustainability programs, thus ensuring that a crucial ingredient for their success is in place.

There is no shortage of eco-friendly concepts springing up at the KION plant in Summerville in the American Deep South. It all began with a smart waste recycling system and LED lamps in production. Next up are solar panels on the factory roof that are designed to supply the bulk of the electricity needed to power the machines.

It is not normally Max Vome’s job to climb around on roofs. But when it comes to protecting the environment, the KION employee is willing to make an exception. He makes special visits to Alder Energy in Charleston in the US state of South Carolina to take a close look at the solar panels and find out what he needs to know. Soon, solar modules will be installed on the flat roofs of the factory at KION North America in Summerville. “Our local solar vendor informed us of government tax breaks and funding for energy produced from renewable resources that brought this idea to reality,” says Vome, who is the plant’s health, safety, environment and security manager.

Internally, the initiative is called Project Sunshine. Daniel Schlegel, Vice President of Operations at KION North America, estimates that solar energy will offset around 80 per cent of the power needed for production when everything is up and running. By demonstrating its green credentials in this way, KION is playing a pioneering role in the US, where environmental protection is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world.

“Sustainability is a clear trend in the material handling industry – we experience this with each new day in the shape of greater customer interest in electric forklift trucks,” says Schlegel. “Now we are even in the position here in North America to offset our production line energy usage by creating energy through renewable resources.”

KION Group

KION Group
KION Group Values

The KION Group and its members, including KION North America are guided by shared group values that serve as a compass for the way we work with our customers, business partners, within our communites and with each other.


We do what is right.

  • We act according to ethical, sustainability and compliance standards.
  • We say what we do and ‘walk the talk’.
  • We never walk away from our commitments.
  • We communicate truthfully, openly and timely.


We trust each other.

  • We approach our tasks with a strong and collaborative team spirit.
  • We share ideas openly and strive for full commitment.
  • We establish strong long-term relationships.
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


We change and innovate.

  • We encourage new ideas.
  • We value different opinions and diversity.
  • We embrace new solutions and take calculated risks.
  • We take action and contribute to our shared goals.


We create outstanding customer value.

  • We shape the industry through innovation.
  • We understand our customers’ needs and deliver superior solutions and services.
  • We continuously increase efficiency and simplicity.
  • We invest in our people and technology to secure future success.

Working at KION

Working at KION

The success of the KION Group can be attributed to the skill and commitment of our employees. We offer interesting and challenging roles in an international working environment within an innovative, forward-looking and fast-growing sector. We enable our employees to continually enhance their skills by offering training and professional development programs.

We are looking for highly qualified, dedicated and business-minded people who are interested in exciting opportunities in an internationally-oriented group of companies.