Factory Technical Training

At KION North America, we manufacture and sell the best lift trucks on the market today. Our product support technical training department offers expert factory training specifically designed for authorized Linde, STILL and Baoli service dealers. Our training team is here to support our dealers with factory courses and training seminars in the field.

Due to the rapid rate at which technology is advancing in material handling equipment, training continues to be of the utmost importance. At KION NA we believe that training needs to be a forethought rather than an afterthought. Well-trained service personnel provide that high return on investment (ROI) in a time where efficiency is of the highest importance.


The KION North America Product Support department is committed to continue making our Technical Training the best in the industry. In recent years the training effort has grown by leaps and bounds to better serve our dealer partners. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with all the facets of KION North America technical training and take full advantage of all that we have available to help train your service technicians to be the best in the business.

It is important to understand that there are tangible, measurable cost benefits from having expertly trained service technicians in your dealership. Return on investment (ROI) is realized by lower costs from erroneous troubleshooting and less time spent at your customer’s site. To that end, we continue to strive to develop a world-class technical training system.

Every year we provide a full line of factory course offerings and training opportunities. Not only has the course catalog for Factory Instructor let classroom training grown to over 30 courses, the KION North America Electronic / Distance Learning Portal has grown exponentially both in the content available and in usage by our dealer partners since we launched the service in 2017. The Certified Technician program also expanded in late 2019 to include a Warehouse truck certification that complements the expanded KION North America warehouse truck product line. Dealer technicians from all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean have taken advantage of this free program to gain valuable industry certification. We encourage you to invest in training to be able to not only better serve our customers but to benefit from the tangible ROI.

Due to the rapid rate at which technology is advancing in material handling equipment, training continues to be of the utmost importance. At KION North America, we believe that training needs to be a forethought rather than an afterthought and needs to be an investment on both your part and our part as the OEM. Well trained service personnel do not happen by accident. They are the result of planning and intentional training to provide that high Return on Investment (ROI) in a time where efficiency is of the utmost importance.

Better trained personnel translate to saved time and money for you and our customers by ensuring expert service and support across the product support spectrum. Because of that, KION North America is committed to providing the very best training to you and your team.


KION North America has developed a multi-faceted approach to service training that employs an approach that leverages the benefits of blended training media and methods. This training strategy is designed to equip our dealer network with the skills and knowledge to provide quality service to their customers. It is important that the characteristics and intended uses of each type of training option be understood when making decisions about which training fits any given situation.


In addition to our full year-long schedule of factory Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses, KION North American Product Support Technical Training offers online Electronic / Distance Learning (E/DL) for our dealer partners. This training medium is designed to deliver self-paced online e-learning modules via KION’s online Learning Management System (LMS). E/DL is designed to facilitate familiarization with facts, concepts, and basic operating principles for KION material handling products and associated equipment. It is not designed to replace in-depth, advanced, and hands-on factory training.

KION North America E/DL is developed for Service Technicians and Sales Representatives supporting KION products, such as Linde, Baoli, and STILL lift trucks. The respective E/DL courses are tailored to the needs of the specific target audience.


Specifically designed and developed for our dealer partner Sales Representatives. These online courses can be used in a variety of ways for preparing sales reps to fully understand the Linde product and its advantages over our competitors’ products.

The training content is developed to Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Level ll, with interactivity built into the lessons to draw the learner from a passive to an active role in the training process. Audio narration is used to engage auditory senses in addition to visual stimuli, reinforcing learning. We use time-tested Instructional System Design (ISD) practices to develop training that is useful and doesn’t waste the learner’s time with “fluff” content. Using these principles enhances the learner experience wand retention of information.

These are courses that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, including mobile devices. E/DL is designed so that the learner typically doesn’t have to sit for more than about 20-25 minutes at a time. Courses that need more time are broken up into modules so that the course doesn’t need to be completed in one session. This provides you and our personnel with greater flexibility in completing the training.

A complete listing of all E/DL courses can also be found in the Libraries/Aftersales/Technical Training Area of the KION Community Portal.


KION North America continues to look for opportunities to ensure that dealer technician are the best trained in the material handling business. Toward that end, KION North America Product Support Technical Training launched the Certified Technician Program in 2017.

The Certified Technician Program is offered in separate tracks for:

• Internal Combustion (IC) trucks

• Electric trucks

• Warehouse trucks

Each track leads to dealer technicians gaining KION North America certification.


Please contact Robert Clayton, Technical Support Training Manager at 843-214-3479, or with any questions you might have about this program.