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Linde 8903



Easy to Operate. "With a load capacity of 4,500 lbs., the MT20 offers a highly cost-effective and productive solution for short distance transfer duties."


Ease of operation. The dual butterfly control levers on the ergonomic tiller head ensure precision traction control with either hand making it easy to maneuver this truck in confined spaces.


Open access to components. The MT20's easily removable cover saves a technician time by providing easy access to the unit's key components.


Plug in Charger. The 85Ah long-life battery is maintenance-free and to extend battery life has automatic discharge protection, which cuts the lift function when the battery reaches the 80% discharge level.


Rugged and durable. A robust, two-piece bumper, protects the truck's vital components, reducing your maintenance costs and keeping product moving.

Technical Data

Model Power Unit Load Capacity
(Q lb)
Load Center
(c in)
(y in)
Tire Size: Front Tire Size: Rear
MT20 Electric 4500 24 55.8 9x3 3.25 x 1.9
Model Power Unit Load Capacity
(Q t)
Load Center
(c mm)
(y mm)
Tire Size: Front Tire Size: Rear
MT20 Electric 2.0 610 1417 9x3 3.25 x 1.9