The Newest Powerful Third Addition to the IC truck 12XX family

SUMMERVILLE, SC - Linde Material Handling launches its newest edition to the industrial truck family with the Linde Series 1204 IC engine-powered truck, available in diesel and LPG and capable of moving heavier loads from 3.5 to 5 tons. The Series 1204 combines exquisite performance, rugged construction, and intuitive handling, creating a versatile and ergonomic truck.

In today's global supply chain, there isn't much that moves that a forklift doesn't touch. And with the increasing demand for productivity and technology to move products, there is a significant push to design equipment that can outperform. The Linde Series 1204 is the product of extensive research and discussions with different industries in creating a truck that meets and exceeds any industry's expectations and material flow challenges.

"Our customers are continually adjusting to changes within their industries, and they have shared with us a wider variety of applications and situations than ever before, said John Pizarro, Director of Counterbalance Products and Energy. "Linde Material Handling has used this to drive innovative solutions that combine rapid handling of the heaviest loads with the flexibility to work in any application. The H35-H50 is well-suited to moving sensitive castings, rugged lumber stacks, or recyclable material."

As an industry leader, Linde Material Handling continuously pushes the limits on capabilities and functionalities to bring superior results to its customers, and the design of the Linde Series 1204 is no exception in that pursuit. This time, Linde Material Handling has broken the mold, building on already strong design concepts of extreme power, versatility, and intuitive controls and creating an even more dynamic truck capable of moving heavier loads more quickly and efficiently.

The Linde Series 1204, available with 7,500 – 11,000 lb. capacities, is a powerhouse performer. Its robust design, hydrostatic drive, and rugged industrial engine delivers capabilities ideally suited for the harshest environments, including recycling companies and construction material yards. In addition, it has a standard 24" load center with unbeaten residual capacities while using forklift attachments, enabling heightened productivity while navigating challenging terrain.

While building powerful equipment that keeps operations consistent and productive is critical to businesses, focusing on low maintenance costs is equally important. The Linde Series 1204 incorporates exceptional components that keep businesses thriving, including 1,000 hr. maintenance intervals and maintenance-free features that ensure increased output and low cost of ownership. In addition, the Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) monitors the engine to safeguard peak performance and alerts the driver of necessary planned maintenance while protecting against damage and unplanned downtime.

The design of the Linde Series 1204 focuses on keeping trucks in operation by effectively using power with a hydrostatic drive, ensuring an exact power transmission, and eliminating wasteful energy use. The drive system enables on-demand power where engine rpm is automatically set to the power needed for travel or hydraulic operation without operator interference. This capability allows the driver to concentrate on safe load handling rather than the additional task of applying engine power and being distracted.

"The Linde hydrostatic drive unit is at the heart of our high-performance forklifts," Pizarro adds. "Its design links the engine to a sophisticated operating concept that puts the operator in complete control. The simplified pedal arrangement, automatic engine control, and electronic hydraulic levers allow a driver to focus the most attention on safe load-handling."

From expanding the boundaries of exceptional performance to creating a generous workstation, the Linde Series 1204 Electric Counterbalance truck awakens a whole new world of possibilities of what a forklift truck can be. With the Linde Series 1204, operators are transporting products from the best seats in the house, from exceptional ergonomic capabilities to features that support operators through long shifts.

Upon stepping onto the platform with the aid of a handlebar and entry lighting, the operator has options of multiple customized adjustments for seating, including the armrest, and the steering column, where operators can create an individual ergonomic triangle inside the compartment, unlike anything available on the market. In addition, the mast and plexiglass overhead guard significantly increase the operator's field of vision with a clear line of sight and all-around visibility, which decreases awkward positioning while performing tasks and empowers operational confidence.

Learn more about the incomparable Linde Series 1204 by visiting KION North America's website.


KION North America Corporation

Headquartered in Summerville, S.C., KION North America Corporation is a member of the KION Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial trucks. Their brand companies, Linde and Baoli, serve the specific industrial truck requirements of the US, Canadian and Mexican markets with a broad and complementary product portfolio. KION North America produces material handling equipment known for its innovative technologies, reduced energy consumption, and low operating costs. KION North America also works closely with its sister company, Dematic, a global leader in automated material handling that provides a broad range of intelligent supply chain and automation solutions.


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