SUMMERVILLE, S.C. — KION North America is pleased to announce the appointment of Illinois Material Handling, a member of Wolter Group LLC. With locations in Bolingbrook and Rockford, Illinois Material Handling is now the authorized Linde dealer for Northern Illinois.

The company has a nearly 40 year history successfully representing the Linde forklift brand through its Wisconsin Lift Truck division. With the addition of Illinois Material Handling, KION North America is excited to expand into these markets.

"Success in the state of Illinois is critical to us achieving our long-term growth strategy," said Mike Gore, vice president of sales for KION North America. “We are confident that Illinois Material Handling is the right partner to represent our Linde brand in this market."

Linde products are distinguished by their innovative industrial technology, energy efficiency and reduced operating costs—allowing up to a 40% savings compared to other brands. KION North America is currently focused on the development of a more complete and comprehensive product line tailored specifically for the unique needs of users in North America.

"Technology continues to be a driving force in the material handling industry. As we look to the future, we're dedicated to positioning ourselves to offer the most advanced forklifts and material handling equipment on the market to better serve the needs of our customers," said Jerry Weidmann, president of Wolter Group LLC. "We're excited to further build our relationship with a global market leader that continues to drive innovation within our industry."

KION North America Corporation

KION North America Corporation is a member of the KION GROUP AG, the world's second largest manufacturer of industrial trucks. Their brand companies, Linde, Baoli, STILL, and Egemin, serve the specific requirements of the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets with a comprehensive and complementary product portfolio. Headquartered in Summerville, S.C., KION North America's production plant has an annual capacity of more than 10,000 trucks. Their products are known for their innovative technologies, low energy and low operating costs.

Wolter Group LLC

Wolter Group LLC consists of: Illinois Material Handling, Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp., Ellis Systems, Wolter Power Systems, and Fleet Services. Through its businesses, Wolter Group LLC provides parts, rentals, service, training and new & used sales of lift trucks, aerial lifts, industrial engines & generators, filing & material storage systems, automated material handling solutions as well as fleet management services. The Wolter Group has a highly trained staff of over 360 employees with an average tenure of 17 years of service… delivering superior service to over 15,000 customers throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.


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