SUMMERVILLE, SC: KION North America Corporation introduces the STILL Liftrunner tugger train system to its product line. With manufacturing trends showing a clear trend toward the practice of lean production, the Liftrunner system saves time and space when providing parts to the workplace.

The CX-T or LTX tractors tow the Liftrunner trains consisting of E and C frames that safely hold trolleys of various shapes and are easy to load and unload. A single operator can supply material to an area of production alone without a forklift truck or pallet truck. This means fewer trucks in the fleet with cost savings for investment, operation and staff.

“A forklift making 60 daily runs for deliveries can be accomplished in only 15 runs using the STILL Liftrunner tugger train system with four E frames,” said Kimberly Hawthorne, Product Manager for the Liftrunner.

The transport by tugger train within production areas is faster and safer than transporting pallets by lift truck and handling time is reduced to a minimum. Additional benefits are the simultaneous provision and removal of materials and empty carriers, clearly defined transport routes without wasted empty journeys and a reduction of traffic in the production area.

A modular system of train elements allows individual adaptation to any in-house situation. The trailers in E or C shape are compatible with each other.

The Liftrunner tugger train system supplies production with the materials needed to be efficient and can be individually adapted to suit the requirements different production lines impose.

For more information about the STILL Liftrunner tugger train system, contact KION North America at 843-875-8309 or


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