SUMMERVILLE, SC – KION North America announces continuous production and availability of its Linde Material Handling EPA accredited Class IV and Class V offerings. The material handling industry has noted exponential growth since the first of the year, causing a huge demand for industrial trucks with limited available inventory. This need requires immediate availability and access to emission-compliant equipment and engines. Linde Material Handling is pleased to confirm its full accreditation of EPA standards and its complete ability to deliver all its highly efficient trucks.

For more than 50 years, Linde Material Handling has been developing high-performance material handling solutions customized to individual customer needs. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, Linde Material Handling has set the standard for industrial trucks, fleet management, and service offerings across the globe. And in extension, brings the same exceptional standards to the North American market.

KION North America knows the pressure of customer demands and the critical need for reliable equipment. That is why KION North America is launching a Quick Ship Program to help operations meet those tight deadlines. With this quick ship program, the company can offer extremely competitive lead times with a high volume of equipment in stock – including Linde Material Handling industrial combustion (IC) trucks and our EPA-certified Class IV and Class V trucks. This program works in unison with ongoing production lines that eliminate delivery delays, ensuring customers receive the products they need when they need them and without disruption.

A product within the Quick Ship Program includes the recently released Linde 1202 Hydrostatic truck, part of the Class V product line. The Linde Series 1202 is powerful, with load capacities ranging from 4,500 – 7,000 lbs, and delivers incomparable reliability in the most challenging conditions, including multi-shift operations for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in diesel and LPG, the Linde Series 1202 offers a true 100% hydrostatic drive system that powers the wheels with hydraulic fluid instead of a mechanical powertrain, pairing nicely with intuitive control details. This technology brings a better and more effective truck, including automatic acceleration and deceleration, preventing wear on the brakes and tires while delivering smoother transitions with speed. The Linde Series 1202 also delivers up-to-the-minute diagnostics with asset management monitoring as a standard feature. This feature allows hour meter reading, fault codes, and GPS monitoring from any computer or smart device with access to the internet and cloud. These unparalleled features create a cost-efficient and robust, productive truck.

To learn more about this Quick Ship Program that includes the recently released Class V Linde Series 1202 Hydrostatic Truck, along with leasing options, please visit the program website:

KION North America is proud to design, build, and support Linde Material Handling products for individualized supply chain solutions for any application and industry, giving operations ways to work better, work smarter, and more efficiently.

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