Linde 1169

Linde 1169 - EWS

Electric Warehouse (Pallet) Trucks

Load Capacity: 2000 - 3000 lbs

Linde 1169


Ergonomic Handle. "The Linde tiller arm on these pallet trucks and stackers provide both an ergonomically smart and intuitive feel. All of the truck's basic controls, lift, lower, travel and horn can easily be reached from the right or left side."


Service Access. Attention to service design, these trucks were developed with all electric and hydraulic components protected within the chassis, while still easily accessible to a service technician.

Curve control. Linde curve control automatically reduces driving speed depending on steering angle ensuring an extra level of safety.


Linde AC controller. Linde AC Controller ensures efficient, maintenance-free components ensure a dependable, cost-effective material handling solution with complete control from zero to creep speed, and up to maximum speed.


Purpose design / castings. The EWS cast frame and overall rigid design makes this unit extremely stable, allowing for industry best residual capacity.

Model Power Unit Load Capacity
(Q lb)
Load Center
(c in)
(y in)
Battery Voltage
EWS10 Electric 2000 24 49 24V
EWS14HD Electric 3000 24 49 24V
EWS12 Electric 2500 24 49 24V
Model Power Unit Load Capacity
(Q t)
Load Center
(c mm)
(y mm)
Battery Voltage
EWS10 Electric 0.9 610 1245 24V
EWS14HD Electric 1.4 610 1245 24V
EWS12 Electric 1.1 610 1245 24V