Darcia Hicks, Senior Buyer

It’s an exciting time to be a KION North America employee. I’ve been an employee here for over 30 years, but the level of commitment and resources that are currently focused on achieving our goals is like nothing I have ever seen before. At the same time, there are always opportunities to grow both as an employee and as an individual. But, what I enjoy most is looking across the spectrum and seeing colleagues of different nationalities that are in various stages of their careers bringing their talents to the table in a collaborative effort to achieve the ultimate goal of exceeding KION customers’ expectations.

Marcos Villacreses, Technical Specifier

I love being part of such a wonderful company, especially that it allows me to live in such a beautiful city like Charleston. KION North America has grown so much in recent years, not just by increasing the number of products we carry, but also in the personal and human part by making us all feel like family. I’m grateful for the opportunity for KION, Charleston and me to all grow together.

Chris Thomas, Aftermarket Development Manager

We’re at the forefront of the largest new product introduction in both the history of our company and the material handling industry. To witness the growth and excitement, and to be part of the challenge, is beyond encouraging. It makes you look forward to coming to work each morning.

Tess Henry, Warehouse Returns Coordinator

I like the products that we sell, the people that I work with, the benefits that the company has to offer and the opportunity within the company for advancement. I expect that through working together and continuing on the path we’re currently on, we will be the number one forklift manufacturer in North America.

Christian Loew, Program Manager - Warehouse New Truck Development

I love working at KION North America for the same reason that I love living in Charleston— it’s diverse, but just the right size. At KION NA, we have all the necessary departments and expertise under one roof, but nevertheless we still behave as a small company where decisions are made quickly and not slowed down due to inner processes.

Brenda Richmond, Painter

KION North America offers competitive wages and a good climate condition that includes air conditioning—which isn’t necessarily a standard working condition for manufacturing plants. With the increase in hands-on, on-the-job training, I feel empowered and capable of doing the best job that I can at my position. Many of my colleagues have become more than just co-workers, but family.